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Hi Friend, Nice to Meet You!


your on-the-go assistant for all things social!

F a r o s was born in May 2019, by two best friends with a big idea:

To help people spend more time LIVING

& less time searching for a life

As social humans, who love to travel and explore, we knew most people wanted to spend their free time doing things they loved & connecting with others, but we noticed a trend where many felt

 too busy, too overwhelmed,

 & stuck in routines, unfulfilled. 

Our dream was to break this cycle, by creating a

hyper personal, HUMAN assistant who could ENHANCE YOUR SOCIAL LIFE & HELP YOU: 

Save Time 

Break Through the Noise 

& Discover Local Experiences

Nothing excited us more than this launch - which was supposed to start testing in NYC in May 2020. But then, COVID happened. And social lives don't look the same right now.

So, for the short term we're pivoting and honoring the heart that was behind  faros all along.

Our Story

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What's in a Name

When we first thought of  f a r o s, the name took us SIX MONTHS to agree on.

We knew we wanted something unique, but it also had tell a story. For months, we wrote down our values again & again & again: 

  1. Superior customer experience 

  2. Seamless coordination

  3. Experiences tailored to your preferences & goals 

  4. Embedded into the ‘heart’ of local communities 

  5. Fun, enjoyable & playful – because life doesn’t have to be so serious!

We thought of at least 50+ names, but by luck - or probably divine intervention - we stumbled upon f a r o s, which translates to


Lighthouse or Beacon.

Which led us to discover something special about lighthouses... They don't just tell you what to do or where to go. Instead, they


cut through the fog OR the darkness,

& Shine a light on what'S ALREADY THERE.

That was everything we wanted to be. A guiding light - for your social lives, your relationships and your communities. 


In a time of so much uncertainty, the lights of our favorite businesses are slowly turning off. So, in an effort to do anything that we can to help...we want to be a new kind of light. To remind you of the places that mean so much to each of us. To share their stories. To raise them on a hill. And connect you back to the places you love & the ones you don't know about yet.

And while we can't do that in the short term in the physical space, we will definitely be doing it virtually - starting with our #BeaconsOnMainSt series. 

We are looking for individuals to share stories of the businesses that make our communities so special. By sharing our favorite memories and personal stories, we hope to remind one another & the businesses we love


 why they mean so much to us

& how much we look forward to their return!

If you have a favorite local spot, that you're especially missing right now or want to support, please share your story below!

What's in a Name?
Beacons On Main St
Our Story
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