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The story of Faros


Like all great stories in NYC... ours started at brunch, 7 years ago, when we bonded over travel & food. Shortly after, Caitlin left to travel the world & Alejandra met up wherever she could.

We became instant adventure partners & collectively visited 40+ countries where we developed an obsession with avoiding tourist spots & opting for hidden local gems instead. 


Then in May 2019, after one too many rum & cokes on a boat in Punta Cana we snapped. Instead of relaxing, our trip was consumed with planning, hunting down reservations and reading reviews. 

Back home, we had years of experience managing logistics & even worked as personal assistants who had to manage a LOT international travel. 


We wanted there to be a better way to travel, even if you didn’t have your own assistant.


So… we built it.

We’re Cait & Alejandra - two women who love adventure, travel and finding hidden gems that no one else knows about. We’ve traveled all over the world and stayed at more AirBNBs and hotels than we can possibly count. 

Through our travels we've built a network of friends + contacts across every industry you can imagine; which makes us pretty good at finding the perfect spot you never knew existed.

Whether it’s finding a local coffee shop, picking out the best rooftop bars, exploring a cool exhibit or handling restaurant reservations, we want to make sure you have a great trip from booking until the end of your stay.

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