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  • What is Faros?
    Faros is an on-demand travel concierge - that helps with finding restaurants, activities & unique experiences while you travel - all accessible through texting!
  • What does "Faros" mean?"
    Faros (n.) translates to lighthouse or beacon in Spanish. When it came to making travel plans, we were constantly frustrated by the number of options available, making it difficult to make a decision. With Faros, we aim to break through that noise, much like a lighthouse is designed to cut through the fog and point you in the right direction. Your Faros (aka your personal concierge) will be the beacon of light & the ultimate guide for all your travels.
  • What kinds of requests does Faros help support?
    Use Faros to help research all of your travel needs. Whether it's finding a new restaurant with safe social distancing measures, discovering cocktails to go, knowing the best time to visit that one special attraction...ask Faros & we will research it for you. Not sure WHAT you want to do? That's okay too! Just let Faros know that you're in the mood for something & we'll walk you through it :) Here are some fun ways to leverage Faros during your trip: Activities - "Hey Faros! Can you help us find something different to do? We'd love to try a cooking class or comedy show in East Village!" Restaurants - "Hey Faros! We're looking for a great rooftop bar in Midtown - bonus points if it's Insta-worthy 😍 " Attractions - "Hey Faros! We really want to walk the Brooklyn Bridge this weekend. When is the best time to go?" Getting Around - "Hey Faros! Is it safe to take taxis here? Or can you help me figure out where to get the subway? I am lost!" Faros' trip packages are intended for planning activities + restaurant reservations. If you want separate support in finding places to stay, please make sure to book our "Accomodation Search" offering.
  • What's the story behind Faros?
    Faros was born in May 2019, on a boat in Punta Cana, after one too many rum & cokes We were tired of making plans (for ourselves and all of our friends) and felt like we were wasting so much time figuring out what to do or where to go We had a lot of past experience as personal assistants + overseeing global teams; so we had come to know the travel industry pretty well We wanted there to be a way that was fun for everyone to travel & explore that didn't involve a full time assistant or hours of research Essentially.... we wanted to outsource our travel plans, the same way we outsource the rest of our lives - like grocery delivery, laundry services, dog walking, etc.
  • How is Faros different from other services?
    #1. We're real humans - not a creepy AI bot, automated service, or mass text message list. #2. We care about YOU and your unique preferences and personality. We tailor every recommendation to you & your specific request and we’ll never send you a generic list. #3. You'll be able to use Faros on the go, at home, wherever you are - all via text message!
  • How does Faros work?
    1. Pick a Plan - Faros starts at $79.99 for unlimited support leading up to + during your trip 2. Introductions - we get to know you through our unique questionnaire 3. Ask - when you're ready to start planning your trip send us a text ~ the same way you would if you were talking to a best friend We do the rest! We research so you don't have to & use your unique “Member Profile” to identify the best options. Once you decide what you want to do, your concierge can make it happen - reservations, RSVPS, etc. Don’t love one of your recommendations? Let your concierge know, and they will find you other options!
  • How do I make a request?
    Send us a text! Chat with us like you're reaching out to the friend who always knows what to do.
  • Can multiple people in my party send text requests?
    We require that one phone number be the primary contact number for each Faros booking. All requests should be sent from this number.
  • What's the turnaround time on requests?
    Faros works best when you plan ahead - especially with COVID precautions. All text requests will be answered within 15 minutes during business hours. We'll do our best to find you recommendations ASAP, but please allow up to 24 hours if you're looking to make reservations.
  • Will Faros also make reservations for me?
    Faros is happy to book reservations on your behalf, as long as it does not include the following: Hotel or living accommodations Transportation Concert or event tickets (unless free)
  • What if I don't like my recommendations?
    Let your concierge know and they'll work with you to find a better fit! Remember - we're real humans, so give us feedback as you would to a best friend.
  • How many people can Faros support for each package?
    Faros trip packages work best for parties of 6 or less. Parties larger than 6 can be supported, but recommendations may be limited without proper notice or a credit card on file. If you are traveling with a group large than 6 people, please send an email to for pricing options and support.
  • What does Faros cost?
    Faros services start at $79.99 for unlimited support from booking until the end of your trip. Check them out here.
  • Where is Faros available?
    Faros is currently available for all trips in the United States. Special requests for other cities can be submitted to
  • What if I am traveling for the whole month?
    We get it... remote work life sometimes means longer city stays then just a weekend! We want to make your stay exciting + affordable. For a special monthly rate, email
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